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Sand and Water Filtration Services

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SRI provides technical professionals to offer our customers cost effective solutions for their sand and filter media needs. Our staff are experts in sieve analysis testing, finding just the right blend for your projects.

At SRI we sell material all over the world. Providing our Military Government overseas with material shipped from the Port of Oakland to Korea and Japan. This material is bagged in our Supersacks, which contain approximately 1.5 tons or 1 cubic yard and shippped in 40’ sea containers.

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At SRI we also provide golf courses throughout California with the finest golf and turf products washed in accordance with U.S.G.A. specifications. In addition, we also offer sand and peat blends for those spectacular greens.

Should your needs require 50 lb. or 100 lb bags, palletized and shrink wrapped, or Supersacks, with convenient handles for easy loading and unloading, or bulk delivery, we are here to make your sand and gravel purchases effortless.
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